Mathematics without borders

International tournament

Dear friends of Mathematics Without Borders,


The Winter Round is about to begin. We are expecting your applications by 23rd January 2021.


You must carry out the competition in the time period from 25th January to 7th February 2021 and send us the result report by 10th February.


We will publish the ranking on our website on 25th February and we will post the certificates and medals by 20th March.


If you are unable to keep the above deadlines due to the epidemiological situation in your country, please let us know ASAP so that we can suggest alternative dates.


Stay safe!
MWB Team
Dear contestants in the Mathematics without Borders International Tournament,


The autumn round is now over. In the attached files you will find the results from the competition for each age group. The names of the participants have been arranged in alphabetical order. The award can be seen at the end of each line.


18 700 students from  18 countries (Afghanistan, Australia, Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, the Philippines, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Vietnam) took part in the autumn round.


The certificates for all participants and medals for winners will be sent by 10th December 2020.


Please direct all questions regarding the participation in the tournament to the school organisers.


Congratulations to the winners!


We hope that you stay healthy and we wish you all the best in preparing for the next rounds!


MWB Team
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Dear friends of MWB,
During the last 7 years, since 2013, Bulgaria has been the host of Mathematics without Borders International Tournament for students aged 7 to 18.
During those 7 years, the tournament has become one of the biggest contests in Bulgaria, as well as worldwide, in terms of participant numbers and number of participating countries from 5 continents.
We kindly invite you to join the eighth edition of the tournament during the 2020/2021 academic year.
The tournament is for students aged 7 to 18 years, divided into nine age groups.
Group 1 – students born in 2013
Group 2 – students born in 2012
Group 3 – students born in 2011   
Group 4 – students born in 2010
Group 5 – students born in 2009
Group 6 – students born in 2008
Group 7 – students born in 2007
Group 8 – students born in 2006      
Group 9 – students born in 2005 or earlier (15-18-year-old students)
Autumn round
19 – 31 October 2020
Winter round
Jan 25 – Feb 7, 2021
Spring round
2231 March 2021
Final  – Nessebar, Bulgaria
1 – 5 July 2021
Due to the epidemiological situation caused by Covid 19, the timetable may be changed. There is a possibility that the remote rounds may need to be ran online, on an online platform chosen by the participating countries depending on their resources and the situation in each country.
The seventh Mathematics Without Borders Final has come to a close.
The sunny shores of Nessebar welcomed 690 Bulgarian contestants for the seventh time. Another 930 contestants from 18 countries competed in their own homelands: Afghanistan, Australia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgizstan, Macedonia, Malta, Nigeria, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.
You can now see the competition results arranged by grade and alphabetical order, the winners of Champion titles for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the general ranking of the tournament, as well as the Mathematical Stars – the most successful contestants in the tournament from each country.




2019 – 2020


Dear friends of Mathematics Without Borders,
The Final of the Seventh Edition of the Mathematics Without Borders Tournament will be held on 16th August 2020.
730 students from Bulgaria will hold the Final in Nessebar, while another 800 students from 17 other countries will hold the Final in their home countries. 
This year, we are happy to share we have participants from Afghanistan, Australia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Malta, Nigeria, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam. 
We are sad that we are unable to host our international friends this year due to the pandemic, but we are nevertheless pleased that we can still hold the Final despite this year’s unusual circumstances. 
Final Timetable:
August 16th:
10:00 local time: This is when the competition will be held in each country.
by the end of the day: deadline for sending us the protocol with the results of your students, in order for them to be included in the general ranking
August 17th:
16:00 Bulgarian time: online announcement of the results at and 
We kindly request that each participating country sends us short video material from the competition, which we will include in the Final 2020 Video.
In September 2020 we will begin posting the contestants’ certificates; medals and certificates for those who have earned top places in the Final Ranking, as well as certificates for the champions and Mathematical Stars – the most successful finalists of each country. 
Please be aware that postage dates may vary from country to country and there may be unexpected delays depending on the availability of postal services during the epidemiological situation at the time. 
We wish you all success!
Mathematics Without Borders Team
Mathematics Without Borders has been held every year since autumn 2013.
The tournament is aimed at students from 7 to 18 years old and consists of 4 rounds: autumn, winter, spring and a summer final.
The first three rounds are held remotely. This means that the contestants can take the test either in their own school, or in one of our partner schools in their town. The final round is held in Bulgaria.
Each round of the tournament consists of a test for each age group. The test duration is 60 minutes. There are 20 questions in each test.
There are gold, silver and bronze medals available for the highest performing contestants in each round, as well as certificates for all contestants.
The students with the greatest number of points attained in two of the three remote rounds will be invited to take part in the final round.
The final round consists of an individual contest, as well as a team contest. The team contest is in the form of a mathematical relay made up of 5 questions. The teams are made up of 3 students each, who have 40 minutes to complete the relay.