Math Without Borders

Mathematics without borders

International tournament

 Mathematics Without Borders has been held every year since autumn 2013.
The tournament is aimed at students from 7 to 18 years old and consists of 4 rounds: autumn, winter, spring and a summer final.
The first three rounds are held remotely. This means that the contestants can take the test either in their own school, or in one of our partner schools in their town. The final round is held in Bulgaria.
Each round of the tournament consists of a test for each age group. The test duration is 60 minutes. There are 20 questions in each test.
There are gold, silver and bronze medals available for the highest performing contestants in each round, as well as certificates for all contestants.
The students with the greatest number of points attained in two of the three remote rounds will be invited to take part in the final round.
The final round consists of an individual contest, as well as a team contest. The team contest is in the form of a mathematical relay made up of 5 questions. The teams are made up of 3 students each, who have 40 minutes to complete the relay.