Math Without Borders



          Dear contestants in the Mathematics without Borders International Tournament,
         The autumn round is now over. In the attached files you will find the results from the competition for each age group. The names of the participants have been arranged in alphabetical order. The award can be seen at the end of each line.
         In this year’s autumn round we had 24 000 contestants from 18 countries (Afghanistan, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Malta, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, the Philippines and Vietnam,). This is the first time we’ve had contestants from Estonia.
        The certificates and medals for all participants and medals for winners will be sent by 11th December 2019.
        Please direct all questions regarding the participation in the autumn round and in the upcoming winter round to the school organisers.
       The winter round is coming up soon. It will be held from 27th January to 10th February 2020. It is possible for new participants to join from this round.
        Congratulations to the winners! All the best with your preparation for the upcoming winter round.
                                                    From the Mathematics without Borders Team

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Age Group 5
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